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Zhaotai Group is to support the development of Sino-Japan (Chengdu) Sub-national

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In recent years, with the gradual formation of the "One-Belt-One-Road Initiative" project, Chengdu, as an important node city of the initiative and an crucial core of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, has actively promoted the "Four-way Expansion and Full Opening Up" concept and formed a strong environment for Japanese business investment. Especially since the 8th China-Japan-ROK Leaders' Meeting last year, the business environment in Chengdu has been further opened up. After the successful completion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) summit this year, the Sino-Japan economic cooperation is growing tighter, laying a solid foundation for Chengdu to build a “Bi-directional Open Ecology”, to innovate and develop a high-quality and efficient“ High Speed and High Quality Development Industry Structure”, to cultivate and expand “Bilateral Market Subject, and to explore and establish a “Win-Win Development Pattern” between China and Japan. Here, Zhaotai Group relies on its own industrial advantages and premium resources, actively implement and through continuous industry cooperation to support the development of Sino-Japan (Chengdu) Sub-national Development & Cooperation Demonstrative Zone
On November 19, the promotion and contracting event of Sino-Japanese (Chengdu) Open Cooperation Demonstrative Project for Urban Construction and Modern Service Industry was held in Chengdu. Here, as an important co-organizer of the contracting event, by inviting important guests from Japan such as Tadashi Maeda, President of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Yasuhiro Sato, Chairman of Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Daisuke Mikogami, General Representative of East Asia/CEO of China, Sumitomo Corporation, and Yoshinori Kanehana, Chairman of Kawasaki Heavy Industries to deliver speeches, and inviting important domestic guests such as lv Kejian (Former Director of the Asia Department of the Ministry of Commerce and former Commercial Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Japan), Vice President of the National Japan Economic Association, Xi Chunling, Vice President of the International Agriculture Promotion Association, and Liu Peng, Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation of China, Zhaotai Group also played an active and important role during this project cooperation.
During the event, the strategic cooperation framework agreement regarding the Sino-Japan Animation Industry Park project jointly developed by Sumitomo Corporation and Zotai Group was successfully signed. The successful signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement not only reflects the Zhaotai Group's strategy height of strictly implementing major national policies and overall plan, but also the patriotic sentiment of President Mu Qiru for actively supporting the national economic construction. By focusing on the field of cultural creativity, the future Sumitomo-Zaotai Sino-Japan Animation Industrial Park project will build a cultural and creative industry platform with animation design and development, animation education, games and animation community culture. In addition, as an important part of the internationally renowned innovation and opening center for clusters of cultural and creative industry, it will help Chengdu build a park-like city demonstrative zone that practices the concept of development, and create a new benchmark for open cooperation between China and Japan in the modern service industry and a new territory for open economy.
As of now, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has gathered 69 Japanese companies with a total investment of approximately US$166.7 million, including 15 of the world's top 500 Japanese companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation, ITOCHU International Inc., Hitachi, Ltd.and Sony Corporation. Here, from 2019 till now, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone achieved 21.71 billion yuan for foreign trade in both imports and exports with Japan., accounting for 5.6% of the region's total, and a year-on-year increase of 50.1%.
Prior to the summit, Zhaotai Group together with Sumitomo Corporation and the Jinjiang District People's Government of Chengdu Municipality, agreed on the Sino-Japan (Chengdu) Local Development Cooperation Demonstrative Pilot Zone project, in which the three parties will work together to build to promote Sino-Japan (Chengdu) local industry cooperation.
When completed, the area will include: Japanese business offices, Japanese financial services, Japanese commercial street, hydrogen energy technology exhibition, Japanese Zen culture and catering culture, Japanese sports and fitness, Japanese animation and entertainment experience, featured products of 47 prefectures in Japan, apartment complex for Japanese enterprises and other multi-industry structure projects. Daisuke Mikogami expressed his desire that this project cooperation in Chengdu would be the starting point for comprehensive cooperation with Zhaotai Group in various areas. It is expected that the Shuijingtang Japanese Center project will become the pilot zone of the Sino-Japanese (Chengdu) Cooperation Demonstrative Zone, attracting more Japanese enterprises to settle in the future.
At present, Zhaotai Group is working with Sumitomo Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Bank of China and other companies to establish a Hydrogen Energy Western Alliance in western China, to take advantage of the world-leading-edge of hydrogen energy industry in Japan and jointly plan to invest in the deployment of the full hydrogen energy industry chain in western China, including hydrogen energy R&D, extraction and manufacturing, storage, transportation, hydrogen commercial vehicle parts and hydrogen energy related applications. Related projects are planned to be located in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.
Zhaotai Group, as one of the earliest operators in mainland China to operate urban space with the development concept of "Industry-City Integration". After twenty-six years of development, the group has expanded into a multi-industry urban investment operator with its focus on financial services, healthcare, science and technology innovation, energy, international trade and other industries. In the future, Zhaotai Group will continue comply with national policies, and actively bring their own industrial advantages and their own resource advantages into play, striving to contribute to the development of national economic construction, to fulfill corporate social responsibility, and to grow into a responsible industry benchmarking enterprise with social responsibility.
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